Friday, 21 March 2014

One last Time

One last time...

First time experience always brings joy and excitement to do something new. You are always eager for the next and your heart is full of pleasure ….you know what is the only reason for this, It’s your First Time…..You always gonna have it again and again if you want…..

But the last time experience is completely different, because it’s your one last time, one last chance or one last feeling… There is joy of the happy feel and with that the sadness of that last moment. And living this last moment to fullest is something that signifies the depth of that last moment in your life…

Check this story of one such last time moment in my life… One last piece of that fantasy, one last hand in hand walk on beach, one last hug and one last my favorite kiss. Yes I am talking about our last meet.
Meeting you for last time was my decision but never knew that it would affect like this on me. After work we met at favorite beach side. We went to Coffe shop where you gave the first spoon to me and i can still feel the touch of your hand on my hand .Was really happy to see your new phone and hear about your career growth.

I generally don’t like walks but that day I just wanted to spend time with you in any form. And trust me till date that walk is one of my best walk in life. Time should stop here itself and we should be together again forever. I remember telling you that why this happened with us, why we cannot be together? But was shattered when heard that you always knew this. You had got the intuition that we can never be one forever and your intuitions were never wrong. Still you went ahead with me for long years. I definitely pounced on you that then why did you come close to me and you had just one answer that you just gave a try.  That moment I just wanted to live with you and hence did not think more about your act as I had actually loved you a lot.
That day I realized that after this I will never meet you in my life and hence wanted to live every moment only will love and nothing else. I still remember saying that you came in my life to change me, you did that, you took me to all the best possible places, all the best food and best of shopping. My all first thing in Life was with you. I bestowed my all love for and only you. Was ready to be with you in all circumstances and fight against destiny. But in the end you brought me back to the pavilion after 5 years for me to than live my life alone without you. But still I never complained and gave you wishes for your betterment in life.

We tried to live our 5 years again in those few minutes that we had. We laughed, we cried and cursed and the only one thing we were praying that - Time should stop. Our last hug; where tears were rolling over the cheeks. With that to conclude our one last time meet we sat in our vehicle to reach our destination. In the entire journey we were quite with I cuddled around your arms and my head on your shoulder. Just at the signal   you gave me that last hug and my favorite kiss on my neck. And you know what till date I am glad that this kiss is only yours.
With this, we arrived at your destination and you climbed down and there was one last touch of our hands. You went ahead without looking back and I went ahead towards my destiny.

This was Our One time last meet which is so special and so pure because I actually lived my life in that moment with love of my Life.

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