Thursday, 7 May 2015

EK Nayi League : Something Interesting

KAPIL DEV – a well-known cricketer. Someone to whom entire nation looks up to. The way he and his team have won the First Indian Cricket World Cup of 1983 is still in front of our eyes. It was always good listening to him or checking out his talk shows.

But something very unusual thing happened when I got a message from twitter about “Ek Nayi league”. To be frank I am not that great follower of twitter due to busy schedule but could not stop my eyes when it saw that Kapil Dev is associated with this topic.

I had to remove time to check out what this exactly is? I saw few videos of Kapil Dev and its promo on this “Ek Nayi League” where he is directing to one of the sport person. The videos are really awesome and definitely tantalizing.

Below is the gist of few videos:

The first video I saw was where he was directing Dhoni about his retirement. A very good statement was by great film star Dev Anand to Kapil Dev during his retirement phase that “Stars never retire... Kabhi Nahin Kabhi Nahin”. I really liked this. May be Dhoni shall change his mood of retirement.

The second video was about Sania. Here he praised Sania saying that among so many girls in India, hardly 300 must be playing tennis and from that if one person comes to be in Top 20 worldwide is real good for nation. He really feels proud about it.

The third video was something different. In first two he emphasized more on how through heart two top sports person have won their position. It is like pride to nation. Where as in third video he says how this sportsperson also is payed high through IPL. 16 crores to Yuvraj in IPL is real remarkable achievement.

Checking out his video one thing is for sure that “Ek Nayi league” is something to do with Sports. Secondly he explained that with hard work all followed their heart and have become famous. They have gained their prestige. But with this he also emphasize in each video that if you listen to your heart you are going to face the debacle. His punch was “Dil sey Khela toh aapki toh googly”.

Hence I feel this should be some Mind game where we will have to use our brains and not our Hearts. This could be some new League where there would be money with mind.

I think in Ek Nayi League, one will have to be diplomatic and clever. One will have to be ready for the challenge every time. But ya one thing is for sure this will be immensely interesting as Kapil Dev will be heading the show.

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Keep guessing about this, I am also very excited.....

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