Friday, 22 January 2016

Book Review- ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian


Brief about the Book

In today’s corporate and publishing world, The Best-seller She Wrote is the story of an established and famous writer-banker Aditya Kapoor and how he meets Shreya Kaushik, a final year IIM student. The story is all about the love story between the two leading character’s to a big smash of Aditya’s personal and professional relations.

The story of a banker-cum-author written by a banker-cum-author shows light on the below arguments…

Can one person love two people at a given point in time? Can one wisely make a choice between blind passion and ambition? Is it possible to trust someone again after betrayal?

Beauty of the Book

Aditya Kapoor is a banker turned author. He is a gem of a person and is living a balanced yet a starry personal and a professional life. Anything and everything he touches turns into gold. He has everything a man can dream of. 

Shreya Kaushik is a student with who is bold, young and ambitious. Young, beautiful and reckless, Shreya speaks her mind and obsessively chases after what she wants. And what she wants is to be a best-selling author.She is instantly expressive about the ramblings of her mind and loves to chase her dreams. Currently she wants to be a best-selling author. She is one of the top authors but now she wants to be the one. 

The book is easy-to-read. The first half of the story seemed a little slow and clichéd to me. Married guy having an affair with a younger girl who takes helps from him for a project and the wife finds out… something predictable. But the beauty is that the pace of the story changes after this.

Until then it took me almost 4 days, but the last 170 pages I finished in a single seating as the story had become exciting and the fun of reading a suspense novel was back- the genre the writer is great at and is famous for.

I really liked the way the other supporting characters Aditya, Maya and Shreya are sketched as they play important roles in the story and take it forward. The feeling for Maya, hating Shreya while admiring her guts and feeling both love and hate for Aditya is described very well.

You keep wondering throughout this time- Could Shreya’s selfishness actually lead her to take such deteriorating steps? Is Diana the culprit? Is there a different side to Sunaina? 


I was a little disappointed the way story is dragged.

Inadequate description of the protagonists shades of grey. I felt it was probably to us.

Aditya’s wife Maya is central to the story and yet, we don’t see what drives her. I feel the relationship with her husband before he meets Shreya could have been better explained. The author gives us only get a glimpse of it as if to explain that he had a happy married life and no real reasons to stray

My Rating: 3/5

Read the book if you like reading romance mixed with some suspense. The book provides some real insights to the Media business of today, the way it works, the way stardom hits the potential and ultimately how fame kills you. 

I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers

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