Thursday, 10 April 2014

Live Life with Radha Krishna

A Divine Romance

Radha –Krishna the most divine love……

Let’s learn something from this love which might help us in our Life.
If we turn the word Radha around, it becomes Dhara, which means to flow away. Opposite of flowing away is flowing towards. Radha means flowing towards… and flowing towards whom?....Govind!
Go in Sanskrit stands for Knowledge. Go-vind is the Giver of Knowledge. So instead of our mind flowing away into the material world, lets flow towards Govind… the Giver of Knowledge! This is what Radhe Govind means!!
Gopal means the protector of Knowledge. Go can also mean “way”. and so Go-pal becomes the one who protects you on the “way”, on the path of life… Radhe Gopal, is Go to the one who will protect you, take care of you on your journey through Life…
So live life to fullest with knowledge and get success in every path you flow.

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