Tuesday, 6 May 2014

First Experience with Cricket World Cup

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India Won The Toss - But Destiny Slashed the Game

2003 World cup was something real strange for all of us. But for me for my first experience of something crazy in Life.  India had won the toss, but  captain suggested Australia to bat  hoping that we could get the advantage of a pitch which was damp by rain.. The final Australian score was of 359 with 2 wickets in 50 overs.

Our score was highly affected when our hero; the great Sachin Tendulkar was out in the first over after skiing a pull shot, Then our eyes was on Virender Sechwag. There was then the electricity of our society was cut and we all were taken aback. Now the only way was to either go to some friends place or just keep on checking the score through a friend. That was not the time of smart phones with whatsupp and internet on phone was not that simple. I called couple of my frirnds who stays nearby but all were out with friends or relatives. Ultimately i did the craziest thing i went to one of my friend's place where some guest were  gonna come to see his sister.Went i reached at his place already people were sitting and i just went in saying that "shewag ka kya scene hai i hope he is still playing" - all were shocked but the guys dad was enthu like me and he was like arrey switch on the TV lets watch TV. Hooo I was saved but i still find that action of mine to be very funny. Then there was second incident on same when schewag was out and the only hope was “RAIN” which fortunately poured after 17 overs when we were at 103 runs with 3 wickets gone.
This was the time when I started actually praying and lighting diyas in front of god just to hope that it should rain more and India should be saved.  

However, this rain passed by, and India's and my hopes were slashed when Sehwag was run out by Darren Lehman followed by Rahul Dravid.

The summers were drying the neck but the only thirst was that India Wins the World Cup. This was my first experience of Cricket World Cup.
 No matter Ponting was named "Man of the Match", but the great Tendulkar was named "Player of the Series."

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Enjoy Cricket


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