Friday, 29 July 2016

IT RETURNS in Few Clicks

 “Month end billing pressure is killing me now and on top of that today is the last date of filling the tax. I should have given to any agent….did a mistake …God help me out”…atrocious was my situation until I remembered a hoarding of H&R Block for e-filing platform for tax filling.

I quickly typed H&R Block and came to the home page. The Login was simple with email ID and a normal 8 character password. I started filling my basic information. I followed the instructions mentioned by them and kept on inputting details step by step. Thankfully the steps were very clear and simple to follow. Atlas I could complete my tax filling on time and was astonished as I did it myself. I had a sign of relief and walked up for a coffee break J

I found my colleague puzzled seeing me so happy and excited that I completed by tax filling. On enquiring I found she never files income tax and has no knowledge on importance of it.

 Was little worried to know the reason for not filing the tax “why should we give our earned money to government, how will it benefit us. Its complete waste of time and money”. Honestly I felt little sad for India, that even educated people are less studied about importance tax filling.

I explained her that with the money we give as tax is one of the source of income for the government. With this money they provides fund for various infrastructure and welfare projects. This helps to increase the standard of living in the country.

Also this is very important for our personal benefit as well. She was little curious when I used the term “personal benefit”. This is one of the important document required while applying visa for another country. Secondly if we wish to apply for any loan then IT returns record is one of the primary requirement.

IT returns for loan? Yes, now-a-days many of us applies for housing loan. For this last three years tax return is required, even if we are co-applicant. After hearing this point she was getting convinced to fill the IT returns. Later I learned that she was planning for a housing loan in near future.
She also quickly opened the HR Block website and filed her IT returns.

Thus with few clicks I and my colleague filed our IT returns and completed our job on time. 

So pls file your Tax Returns on time and enjoy the benefits :)

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.


  1. Thanks for posting your article...t will be very helpful for All. | Income Tax Filing

  2. Thanks for posting your article...t will be very helpful for All. | Income Tax Filing