Friday, 10 March 2017

Space was never such Magical

“Mumma, it’s time for story, C’mon fast I need to sleep”, these are words of my 8 years niece Aashi. She loves her bedtime stories. 

On receiving the Colgate pack of magical stories, I thought Aashi would be best in creating a cute story with all the characters in the pack. Hence, on Friday night (As Saturday kids have holidays so no tension for waking up early next morning) I gifted the complete kit to Aashi and told her, “Every day you listen stories from Mumma, so today you create your own story and tell us.”

She was really excited seeing the packet and immediately un-packed all the three Colgate kit.

But also was little confused as there were so many characters. So I explained that you can start your story and then include characters one by one.

So here she goes with her Story:

She was very blissed to see a Boy and a Girl Astronaut. So she quickly started this is Aashi and my best friend Rehan. 

We going for a picnic to space. Mumma look my space suit, this is so nice in green color.This spaceship will take us high above in the space. Chalo bye Mumma, Bye Aunty we shall now return after we visit space. The best part of this was Mumma we are getting late so please pack my snacks and bottle fast. J

So here we go byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and after some time she said Rehan we have reached space. It’s so cold here, I forgot my jacket should I go back? And then as per her Rehan says, don’t worry take mine I am a gentleman (So cute…)

Then she spotted UFO, so she hurriedly called Rehan who was wandering in the space. Look at this UFO, I have seen in “Koi Mil Gaya”, this is called UFO Spaceship all Aliens stay in this. 

And there one Alien comes out, Rehan was very scared (as per Aashi she is more brave as Girls are Best). So she pacified Rehan saying don’t worry we will do Friendship with this Alien and he will perform all Jadoo. 

 So all three became friends and they named Alien as “Jadoo”. All of them started playing “Catch-n-cook" and are enjoying the cool environment of space. 

Suddenly Aashi and Rehan were hungry so they ate their snacks which her Mumma had packed. Even Jadoo was hungry but he needs only “Dhoop” (Sun-light). So all three were thinking from where to get sun-light for jadoo. 

Now comes the entry of third pack of Colgate. Aashi, Rehan and Jadoo sat in their Spaceship and decided to meet sun. On their way they heard someone saying, “HELP, HELP We need Help”, this was Saturn & Jupiter Planet. Both Aashi and REhan had studied Solar System recently in their class, hence here was a nice cold-war with the order of the planet. Finally they both were convinced that Jupiter is 5th and Saturn is 6th planet in our solar system.
Here comes twist in their story.

They told them that there is a Comet who has gone mad and is destroying everything in space and have kidnapped our Sun.

Jadoo was tensed and started crying. “How will I get food now, my all powers will be waste without sun-light”.

Aashi and Rehan calmed Jadoo and everyone together were all ready to fight with Comet and get our Sun back. Aashi was little scared seeing Comet as it had become like a red ball more powerful then sun. But she is a brave girl, remember :)

Aashi and Rehan started searching for weapons with which they can fight against comet. Jadoo remembered that there are some nuclear bombs in this space which once one astronaut had brought and then did not take it back. 

Aashi, Rehan, Jadoo, Saturn and Jupiter all started searching for such bombs and they succeed.

So all went ahead to fight and cannoned this bombs to comet. Comet was broken into pieces and there was a loud sound of its explosion. All were very happy and relieved. Jadoo was also very happy as now all his powers are charged up.

All the planets and Sun thanked Aashi & Rehan. All started singing and dancing. Let me not forget to tell you Aashi loves dancing and so she had purposely put this dance in the space.

Now was a time to come back, so Aashi and Rehan said good-bye to everyone. They hugged jadoo and asked him also to return to his home. They sat in their spaceship and zzzooop were back to Earth.

She was very happy after she was back as she has created her own story and now will narrate the same in the school to Rehan and other friends.

I was also happy and amazed with the story she had created. Thanks to Colgate who gave this opportunity to make this kids creative.

Lots Of Luv,

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