Thursday, 27 April 2017

Walking Together – The Half Way

“Hi, this is Mr. Perfectionist will you have a coffee with me? Sushmi was little infuriated. It was canteen of IISWBM College in Kolkata. Sushmi had come to meet her friend Priya.

Priya with her college friends was playing “Truth or Dare”. It was Sumith’s turn to introduce himself to the first girl entering the canteen. Sumith was a perfect example of playboy and was always proud of his looks and his style. His presence was always seen between beautiful girls.

Sushmi was a simple girl.After completing her graduation was working in a banking firm. She was pursuing her MBA course through distant learning.

Priya being a best friend of Sushmi, they used to often meet in the college canteen.  Sumith and Priya also being close friends, Sumith was always around when they met in college. There was something unique in Sushmi which Sumith found different from other gals with whom he used to flirt. They soon became friends and all three used to hang out together. Also they started group studies for their MBA preparation.

Their weekends were full of Movies, Outings and Dinner.

Sumith was very fond of books and always used to attend Book fair that happens every year in Kolkata. But this time his companion Priya was out of town. He thought of asking Sushmi and to his surprise she said yes. So this was their first outing alone.

Discussion of books went on followed by their personal talks. From likes to dislike, school to college they discussed everything about their life. All his girlfriends were also discussed .Although flirt but still Sushmi found him cute and a good person. He dropped her at home in a cab and waved goodnight. They had a lovely evening together.

Later as time passed they started meeting often alone. Both used to love ice-creams and hence their meet would always end with an ice-cream in Scoop parlour. Sumith used to flirt with Sushmi but both of them knew that he was just kidding.

Whenever they used to meet in a group, Sumith would always have that extra care for Sushmi and would make sure she is comfortable. Sushmi enjoyed this special care.

Once MBA was completed, Sumith got job in a famous airline company in Middle east. Although sad both promised to always contact each other. That time phone calls were expensive, so they would always mail each other. The complete day was shared through mails. Sushmi was always eager and excited to read Sumith; s mail. On other hand Sumith would also never miss a single day. On mails also Sumith used to flirt & Sushmi would reply pls not me .They were far yet were together.

They both had started liking each other, used to miss each other but still never thought of giving a name to their relation.

Sumith was back from Dubai after two years. Both of them decided to meet in the Book fair. Both were very excited and were impatient to meet each other. They were very happy to see each other and shared a warm hug. They also went to their favourite Scoop Parlour. It was 10 pm and was time for them to leave. Both were not wanting to go home but Sushmi’s family was little strict and hence they took a cab.

Suddenly Sushmi heard Sumith saying Are we compatible”? She was little surprised but still said yes. She asked the same question to him. But Sumith only shook his head. She still questioned him “Sumith, are we compatible? Are we compatible”….but there was no proper reply. The cab stopped near Sushmi’s house. The only words that were then heard was “Sushmi What Next, and …..
…And Sushmi looked at his face and got down from the cab.  She never turned back nor Sumith called him.

Sushmi kept on thinking “What Next …What Next, but could not find any answer. Were they scared or were they not enough matured to give a name to the relation…this only they knows. But somewhere the relation was end.

No one is aware whether Sumith and Sushmi will ever meet in Life.

But as it is rightly said that some relationship are not permanent and always remain half in Life.

Still, Life moves.... So be happy .....


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