Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Journey From OR to AND

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Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’
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LOVE OR LIFE ….eventually turned to LIFE AND LOVE

“No Jaini ….No…don’t tell me this “, Keval kept on saying and only thing jaini could say was – “Ya I Know it should be NO but its YES…..”
And the CCD caption, “Lot can happen over a coffee” augmented their relation from friendship to something else, something more.

Coffee did its part, but now was the turn the inner caffeine to show the magic. Magic of differences, two different religion, two different career goals, two opposite poles which were now on a journey of togetherness.

Jaini, a highly ambitious girl was never ready to compromise her life’s goal, happiness and habits since childhood. Being independent and make her own paths in life was her passion. She being Hindu had a lovely taste for all vegetarian food items.  On other hand, Keval was a very content and satisfied kind of a person with sports and music as his passion. All this is still okay for a relation but , BUT the catch is that he is JAIN….yes he is JAIN , means no Onions, potatoes, carrots and the list continues……. A true follower of Jainism.

Generally in a love story there is either Love at first sight or hatred followed by Love, but here the couple were already Best friends and knew each other’s like/dislikes, were part of Ups/downs of each other’s life. They knew and always respected the fact that they were two different poles of the planet and could never see each other more than friends. “Even if you would be the last person on this earth, I would never marry an ire-responsible person like you” – this was the statement always jaini used to tell keval.

Well keval was not ire-responsible, but being younger brother in family was pampered and hence was never given any responsibility in Life.  But still spark was lighted and somewhere there was love …..and so they gave a final verdict to go ahead with the relation with different clauses. Well I told you this story was something different. But this was not end….
After this convincing their own selves, they had another big question: convincing the Jain traditional family. Full time working Daughter-in-law, different religion, eating non-Jain food and the list continued…..

Leaving job for at least some months was their demand. Managing home first and then if time permits doing a part time work was something they would appreciate. But this two things was like putting an end to Jaini’s dreams, her ambitious and her goals in life.
Keval did part of his job to explain his family, but at such instances convincing them means going against family for an outsider. A typical melodrama of Hindi movies of emotional blackmailing was on. Then there was a punch when ultimatum was Keval OR Career.

“Telecom-Engineer with so much hard work, sacrifices was not just to sit at home and cook. She was completely against this. This cannot be my path of life where I have to choose my lifetime goal or my Love”. There was continuous fight going on in jaini’ s mind.

She knew very well that no one now can understand her better than keval. She knew he would give her love that she always wanted in Life. Keval’s nature was like her father. And this is a dream of every girl to have a Husband like her Father. And icing on the cake was that keval was also her best friend and trust me your best friend turning into life-partner is the best Man you can ever get. Because the base of the relation is friendship.

And the thing that came from her mouth was Career but she also assured keval that she can manage home if he can support her. Listening this Jain Family was happy as they thought that they got a weapon to convince Keval that he is second priority for jaini. But to everyone’s surprise keval knew jaini and hence did not let the external force to separate them. He supported Jaini and was still ready to be her life partner with her career.

Between LOVE OR LIFE jaini chose her LIFE, and her LOVE created a magic to fill  THEIR LIFE  with LOVE.

Love you Lot Keval - Jaini


  1. So True Jainita

    ".... best friend turning into life-partner is the best Man you can ever get. Because the base of the relation is friendship."

    LOVE is LIFE.. :) Pals

  2. Nice one PD :) and its true.. friendship is the purest relation one can ever have!!

  3. Amazing! Thoroughly enjoyed your post.