Saturday, 10 January 2015

KRACKJACK : A Foe Turned Friend

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“Are you also one of the participant for dance today”?
“I wearing a costume obviously will be dancing, what a crack she is “thinking this Raj answered “No I will go up and measure the stage”…..
Yes this was the first conversation between them.  “What an attitude, I just asked casually and such an answer – Moron he is “thinking this Swati left from there and went with her colleagues to enjoy her first day in new company. Yes Swati joined during Diwali celebration and was part of Customer Sales Relation (CSR) department.
Firstly let me clear Swati is not actually crack but being first day and also first job was little nervous Otherwise she was a bubbly kind of personality.  When she used to be absent her entire department was silence. She was always friendlywith everyone in the office. Oh is it – well not with everyone: “NOT with RAJ”…..
RAJ was little introvert guy always focused on his work and was happy within his shield of himself and 2 colleagues in his Sales department. Continuous talking, shouting, smiling was not in his genes. He was well content with his work, his ambitions and limited set of people in his life. With rigorous emphasis from his colleagues he had took part in dancing.
Two poles of magnet, with opposite in nature and also the first conversation, there was always animosity between Raj and Swati.
Then there was an entry of Mr. Swapnil, in Raj’s department. He was today’s generation guy and used to like to make friends, party and at the same time was also Ambitious and Hardworking. Yes this quality of swapnil had impressed Raj which also gave him entry to Raj’s shield.
Swapnil as I said made friends easily and so was friend of Swati also within couple of weeks.But this made him in a midst. As Swati will not like to have lunch with Raj around and Raj was not interested in going out for lunch, walk when Swati is also a part of it. Swapnil tried his best to understand fuzz and break the silence between them. But all in vain.
Poor guy had to meet both of them separate and live the friendship.
Valentine Day – the team of sales and CSR group decided to watch a movie.“Munnabhai MBBS” – movie in PVR was the plan of the group, but ultimatelyonly Raj, Swapnil, Swati and one more colleague from sales could make for the movie...ya because It’s as valentine and hence the couples are busy.
After the show, the four went ahead to railway station…..while walking the distance from theater to station there was a time when Swati and Raj also walked side by side, which forced them to talk.
At station the fourth guy left and so also swapnil as he had some work. This made Raj and Swati alone one more time and both together went ahead to the platform. Then was the real show, they discussed about the movie, about the work, about swapnil and went on and on and on…….
Sometimes just one moment is required for two people to come closer, and this was that moment was Raj and Swati. With each train passing, their talks used to increase….” Let one train go and then we shall leave” this was their say and trains kept on passing and so was their hatred. The relation was now turning from Foe to Friendship.
Next day seeing Raj and Swati together talking, smiling surprised Swapnil, but was also happy that now he will not have to meet them separately and are one.
The so-called crack girl has now become a Life Partner of so-called jack Raj. KRACKJACK has now become SWARAJ and they are having a very happy and lovely life together…..

God Bless them!!!