Monday, 19 January 2015

Work & Work

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From Home to office and back to Home - It’s only we Females….

“Tick Tick its 8’clock Good Morning”, my alarm rings and I am out of my bed Sunday morning. My hubby sleeping, wow I wish I had this opportunity to sleep more L
And my Sunday starts with laundry. Entire weeks clothes needs to be washed today  followed by cleaning the house, which I did not get chance to do over weekdays…Oh ya I am a working lady and so from Monday to Friday have to cook food, daily cleaning and then rush to work. Sunday is the only day I get to look after my home…so here I am a homemaker now ….

Oh its 10 now, time to cook food, plan food for Monday morning, clean cupboards ….. God lots to do….

“Good morning honey “, here my husband gets up at 11.30 am and then starts his Sunday routineof reading a newspaper and then have food by 1.30 pm.

Hey, good food honey, now I shall go and watch Television. 

 “Thank you dear, all for you”…now let me go and clean the cupboards which had become mess during weekdays. 

Finally its 4, I think clothes should be dry by this time thank to automatic washing machine.

Here my husband comes “honey I shall go and sleep for some time”.  “Hey Honey, why don’t you help me for ironing some clothes as I need to complete other work also. Help me for part of laundry, washing clothes I did now ironing is left”, I had wished for a positive reply but this was I received , “oh C’mon Sunday means relaxation day, and secondly this laundry is woman’s work …we husbands can’t do this …. saying this he left me with my work of ironing the clothes….

There is so much inequality at home, I and he both are working, and my salary is also utilized for our living: then why only I have to do house hold work. Even he should do at least a bit of it.

I am sure like me almost 85% of Indian woman
 feel that they have two jobs one at work and one at home.

“Tring tring” I received a call from one of my newly wedded friend in states….”Hey Hi dear, how you and things is going at your end”, I asked her and was overwhelmed to hear “Hey dear me doing good, even hubby is good. Yesterday being a holiday we clean our house, he did the dusting part, I cooked the food. Then he helped for laundry. We had our food and then we did cleaning of utensils together. We had a good sleep from 3 to 5 and evening went for a walk followed by a dinner with friends.  How are things at your end today”? 

And I realized that it’s Indian men who do not believe in co-helping. And this is because in states males and females both were working since ages. But in India woman employments started just few decades ago. Before this every boy during his childhood days was taught to study and then earn for his family, whereas all girls were taught to do only house hold things, later girls started studying thinking of their life, their goal, independency, earning and helping their partner on every step of life. But with this also must was the household work.

On the other hand Indian boys are still taught to study and earn for their family.
I understand that even today it is still Men’s responsibility to look after family, similar manner it’s still woman’s responsibility to take care of her home. But as by working and earning woman is like a helping hand for men, similarly men should also do part of household work.

This way even an Indian couple will learn to respect each other’s work and have a better livelihood.

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