Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Beauty of Cold Water Shower

Cold water bath …..For many it will be a nightmare. In fact I get cold just thinking about it, but recently I read an article from reward me and was surprised to read the title “Benefits of Cold water bath”.
The title was captivating that I was forced to read the full article. And found that it’s not the cold water that is benefiting you, on the contrary, it's the warmth that your body is producing while reacting to the cold water that is balancing your internal temperature.
This “thermic reaction” expels all the impurities we have in our skin, giving us great natural benefits.
But please remember that if you take a cold shower you should do it the right way so you don’t get sick.
You need to start very slowly and gradually. When you get in the shower you should first wet your toes and then the rest of your body until you get to your neck. It’s not necessary to wet your head. Do this for 2 minutes. If you rush into the water and stay for a longer period of time than suggested you could get sick or get a bad headache. Once you’ve finished your shower, make sure to cover yourself up quickly or move your feet and hands so you can generate heat in your body once again.

Check out some benefits of taking cold showers.
1.    Increase metabolism

When our body is exposed to cold water it produces energy in order to continuously re-regulate our internal temperature, burning many calories.
2.    Encourage Healthy hair

The rule goes like this: Hot water opens your hair cuticles while cold water closes them. So, if you wash your hair with hot water, make sure to lower the temperature before you finish showering so that your cuticles have a chance to close. Otherwise this could cause for your hair to fall out or get frizzy.

3.    Prevent Skin Impurities

When you take a cold shower your pores close. This prevents grease and other skin impurities from getting in. Remember also that if you take a very hot shower your skin will dry, making it vulnerable to dermatological problems like eczema.

4.    Soft feet

When you wash the bottom of your feet with cold water while massaging them, they’ll feel softer when you come out. This happens because you are stimulating better blood circulation with cold water.

Thus we see that cold water shower is real advantageous.

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