Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Manage your time for Drinking Water

Water – a complete versatile liquid which makes you fit, beautifies your skin, cures many disease and the list can go on.
But ever wondered how much water do we have in entire day? I am sure most of our answers would be below the actual requirement. The reason behind is that we all are highly occupied with our day to day work. So we hardly keep a track for how much water we actually drink in a day.

Thanks to reward me site which has given a unique style for keeping track of the water we have.

What you need:
·         2 x 50cl plastic bottles
·         Masking tape (of different colours)
·         Scissors
·         Marker

Use masking tape to create 3 graduations on each bottle. This way you will obtain 5 equal volumes of water.

Drink one volume of water per hour.
Use the marker to write the time at which we should drink water.

With above steps I also added the liter with each time slot. This helps us to check how much liter of water we manage to have in that particular day. You can keep this bottle in your cubicle.

Thus reward me has given a unique idea which shall help us to consume maximum water in a day and be healthy.

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