Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lovely feet at no Spa cost

“Oh you need to do spa every time to beautify your legs”…God its dam expensive in terms of money as well as time.

In today’s busy schedule, we hardly get time for ourselves and then thinking for pedicure every time is just too much. But thanks to reward me site I found that pedicure can be also done in your free space on weekends. Which is not costly at all.
The best part of the pedicure in the article was not having to get out of your pajamas!

Check out the few important steps that shall give you the Spa Pedicure:
1.     Soak your feet

Prepare your feet by giving them a hot bath. Add a perfumed bath salt with one of your favorite scents. You can also add any of your shampoo into the bath tub for good foam. We can also add a few smooth pebbles to the water. These will provide a gentle massage as you place your feet on them. You can then just relax and lean back.

2.    Exfoliate

Once you are done with the foot bath, dry your feet and using a foot scrub remove all the dry and dead skin cells. Be firm but do not scrape too hard.
If you only have a few minutes, exfoliate quickly with a pumice stone or an exfoliating cleanser. Pay close attention to the heel and the base of the big toe.

3.    Right size of nails
maintain the length of your nails with a nail clipper and file them if you’re a fan of rounded tips. Remember: always file in the same direction, as back-and-forth movements can damage nails. Once you have finished filing, remove small spots and other traces present on nails using a nail buffer.

4.    Moisturize
Moisturizing helps soften, hydrate the skin and protects it from cracking. Rub a generous portion on your feet and massage well. Apply a good moisturizer to the base of your foot, especially on the driest parts.

5.    Finishing Touch
The finishing touch is obviously a lovely shiny coat of polish. Choose a shade you like. And plan enough drying time. Since you’re at home, it’s less complicated than getting it done at a spa.

Thus through this article of Reward me, I have lovely feet without any extra pain and extra money J

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