Monday, 23 March 2015

Impact of Positivity

“Oh God, I failed in one exam; it’s called KT”, yes I had this KT in my engineering studied for one subject Math IV. How could this happen as I have never failed in my entire curricular studies... With lots of hard work, sacrifices and trust I had been into Engineering. Was completely shattered.

It seems that all diploma Holder entering into Degree always find it difficult especially the Math’s, but Why me? :( 

I actually started thinking that perusing diploma and entering degree was a wrong decision, although I had entered degree with distinction in diploma still may be I don’t deserve to be an Engineer. This thought continuously made my mind more negative. Was unable to work, study, and enjoy life….

All friends were enjoying their college days and I was suffering from within. Then there was sudden change in Life.

I happened to meet an old friend who used to do “Art of Living” course. Initially I made a mock of him as I feel this all is just bullshit and only means to earn money and fool people. So my friend asked me to join the course which was for some 5 days I believe; not sure. It was called “Yes + course”. I was completely against this, so he registered my name without informing me and also said that it’s free of cost so please attend once, as he was some volunteer for those 5 days. (Later I came to know that he had paid my fees; that moment I was speechless and only thing that came in my mind was yes, a Friend in need is a Friend Indeed.)

I attend the course, there I could feel that positive energy growing in me again. With Sudarshan Kriya, not only my physical body but also mental stage was in good shape. Different activities, yoga asana could rejuvenate one’s own will power.

The best part was Satsang, the Krishna bhajan takes you to the next level of divinity. You feel so fresh and pure. I still remember one activity was like telling the person who sits next to you, your issues and problems in Life. The opposite person does not know you, nor have ever met you, you are not sure whether you will even meet him from here after, still you are assured to get solution. Later we understood that with Sudarshan kriya and asana, our mind have had become strong enough to fight against all odds. The teachers were “Bawa & Dinesh”, we daily had general life question answers with them. Their knowledge and simplicity towards life gave everyone new hope in our own life.

Guruji – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is indeed a great guru to teach everyone how to balance life.

I was then quite relaxed and had a new strength to fight and move ahead in Life. I then cleared my Degree Engineering with Distinction and also had a good placement job opportunities.

 It’s been now almost 9 years now, but I still follow Blog of “Bawa& Dinesh” whenever I feel low in Life. Such was the impact of that 5 days course of “Art of Living”. 

I really thank my friend even today for getting me into new path of positive energy whose leanings can be followed even today that, real optimism in Life lies within us only. 

Jai Guru Dev!

Be positive…

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