Thursday, 19 March 2015

Power of Togetherness !!

“Jobless” is a nightmare for every individual who are career oriented and have set goals in life with the money they earned from work. On top of that if the deadline is close to end and just then you get this news, would be the worst game of life.

This was the situation when “CyberTech India Ltd” was taken over by “NICE” in the year 2011. My company was a new venture and was approx. 6 months old. We were hardly 5 employees trying to grow and take the company to its next level. But to our shock we heard the news of takeover in March. NICE was not ready to take all the employees of Cybertech. I had my wedding in couple of months.

I had planned and set account for my marriage expenses. Secondly, I could not see myself as jobless in such situation. I just wanted to cry aloud and curse my fate, but controlled my emotions and called my-would be husband who was and is also my Best Friend.

We met after his work in Powai CCD, our favorite place for spending good time. Not to forget our relationship from friendship was taken to next level in CCD. He hugged me and tried to pacify me as I was already in tears seeing him. And to my surprise this time he was before me in CCD. I guess this is why it is rightly said that people who cares for you will be always there when you need them the most.

He explained me that even though you would be jobless, still Cybertech is gonna pay you 3 months salary for just sitting at home and hunting for new job. ya , this is was something real good thing they had promised. Secondly, as marriage was on head I could have good time for shopping and completing all the requirements. And most and important was, that I can have more time with my family.

Hearing all this I was little fine. Then the waiter got our fixed menu, Chocolate Fantasy with extra chocolate sauce. Actually this is our standard order and all waiters were also aware about it. As usual he gave me first bite of fantasy and a warm kiss on my forehead.

I was content with this and was now ready to fightback and utilized my time in the best way I could. The best thing he told was “Jaini, this time till you find a new job should be one of the best time in your life, so when you remember this moment you could happily say that good I was jobless for this particular phase in my life”. Yes my hubby is real hero as he understands how to make me positive in most difficult time of life.

After this, it was then my turn to act upon his advice. I did my best and utilized this time in shopping, learning cooking as was getting married and also had a vacation to my religious place.
Also let me tell you I got job within a month in a renowned firm with a salary hike as well.

Seriously power of togetherness is like a medicine for a patient. Love is most precious element that can help people live their life happily with strength during hurdles.

Always Love and Be together J

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