Monday, 23 March 2015

Start your Journey & Fortune shall definitely favor the Bold

Getting a right career in life is like getting a right life partner in order to have a successful life. But as it is rightly said that all good things comes with lots of hard work, patience and trust in oneself, so was the case with me after 10th results.

I had secured descent enough to get into any commerce admission, I was distinction with 75.43% to be précised. But this is was not sufficient to get into Science in good college. I had a dreamt of becoming an Engineer in Life. But this percentage was not enough.

I was feeling very sad and depressed as I could see my dream slipping from my hand. Getting into commerce was not my take. I would have never enjoyed studying nor would have had any aim in life. I was sure about it.

Then there was a small spark in life where I heard from someone that one can do Diploma in Engg and then go ahead with Degree Engg. The idea was not very appealing as many of them would leave engg after being a Diploma Holder. Secondly the seats reserved for Diploma holder to get into Degree College were like peanuts. You could say max 4-5 per field in a good “A- grade” college. This was as diploma holders would directly take admission in second year of engg. So in total they also finish graduation with (10+3+3) instead of (10+2+4). And most important was after diploma you are not called as “Graduate” either as its (10+3) total 13 years of education. An ideal Graduate is always (10+5) total 15 years of Studies, and for engineers it was 16 years of total education.

I got mixed reviews from people around me, some were like take commerce and be graduate then you can take some other course also. Few were like go ahead with diploma if you could not get into degree still you can get a job. But this was not my dream, the only thing that was going in my mind was “Jainita Dalal an Engineer”. Be it with tenth + Diploma+ Degree or Tenth + science +degree.

Somewhere I knew I would work hard to pass out Diploma with flying colors and get into good degree college. I also had support from my family members. Trust me support from family increases your inner strength enormously.

So I decided to go ahead with Diploma in Engg. But after you decide one thing in life, you have to pass through other challenge and exams in your way which forces you to change your decision. I feel this is God’s way of testing our decision power as well as our self-confidence. Getting admission in Diploma was also not that easy. I had filled forms of almost 5 top colleges in all vicinity of Mumbai. And I got admission in Diploma in Chemicals. Now, a girl doing a chemical engg was something not that common. Although I was told that there are changes of my upgrading into digital electronics still the chances were skeptical. This was my test which I had to clear.

I closed my eyes, prayed god and went ahead to take admission in the college even though it was Diploma in Chemicals. I feel this was BOLD step I took for my career of entering in Engineering Filed even with Admission into Chemicals.

I thus started my new Journey of career with Chemical Engg., but as Fortune Favors the Bold, I got upgraded into Digital Electronics in second year of Diploma.

Yes, I did pass diploma with Distinction (80%) and secured admission into good Degree College.
Now I am a Distinction holder in Electronics with Telecom Engg and working with a renowned company.

Yes I feel one should have trust and self-confidence to take a bold step in Life. Such decision would change your life completely and also give new shape with new goals and horizon.

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