Sunday, 22 March 2015

Smile: key to Happiness

What is Happiness? When can you be happy? Whenever such questions are raised, the expected answers are something like “When I will rank 1st in class. When I shall have my home/my car. When I shall become rich and the list continues. Our happiness is always when we are satisfied with our materialistic demands.

But even after we fulfill our one demand, the second wish is always in queue and our happiness is always prolonged. So when should we be Happy, the right answer is NOW. Then the question is how should we be happy, and I would say by A Smile. Yes one Smile on your face and you would feel that you are happy.

I know I am sounding philosophical, but I was convinced by this thought when I experience the beauty of Smile which leads to happiness with small things in Life. Let me tell you few of incidents from my real life story.

Being Loved: Yes this is the first thing that can put smile on your face and you can feel that happiness within you. Family get-together on various occasion, or simple dinner with Family can make me feel happy. We get one positive vibes when we see our family happy with each other.

Care for Stranger: You feel good when others care for you, but you will feel pleased when you shall care for someone else. Visiting an orphan homes, Old-age homes, spending some quality time with them, puts some kind of inner peace on face. It’s rightly said that best happiness you can get when you can make others happy.

Heeling one’s Soul: Meditation - one of the finest exercise that makes me feel happy. When I sit for meditation, it is the time where I am with myself and God. This puts me on next level of happiness where I can feel that my soul is getting pure.

Think & You Get: This is something which I am sure that everyone experience in Life. The small wishes which are for only that specific moment for e.g. you are hoping for a no traffic when you are late and you see that roads are empty. You are late for an interview and you get a call that there is delay in schedule. You thinking for a friend and suddenly he appears in front of you or get a call from him. Such are small wishes that brings a smile on my face when gets fulfilled immediately.

 Time with my Niece: Yes spending time with my niece makes me feel very happy. I always try and manage to spend some time with her. Her cute little face, with her innocent questions. Playing with her always gives me immense joy in life.

Friends Forever: Yes being with friends always keeps me happy. A normal coffee with friends in CCD, or just a drink (Coca-Cola) at friends place can make us happy. Not to forget mentioning that World Cup with Coca-Cola is a unique way of being happy.

Thus, small things in life makes you Smile. And as it is rightly said that Smile increases your face value, you feel happy from within.

So Keep smiling and be Happy J

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