Wednesday, 18 March 2015

In fast Life of Mumbai – Slowdown your Zindagi with some Help-Lines

Rejuvenating Life....

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MUMBAI: A Complete Stressful City with people running to catch a train (now even metro), stuck in traffic, getting late for interview, marriage, work pressure, tension of Boss especially on Anniversary and spouse Birthdays , demand from kids and the list can continue……
Someone has rightly said that Living in Mumbai is real havoc, one needs to be on toes every time and just run from Morn to Eve.

I am bought and brought up in this city and really admire and love this place. Like me many people love to stay in Mumbai and gets adjust with this hectic life. Ever wondered why?
Because people have learnt how to De-Stress themselves. And ofCourse Mumbai also helps them to get relax and motivate for the next game. 

Check out 5 major de-stress techniques that I use to survive happily in this city.

   1. Weekend Outing: This is most usual de-stressing technique that all mumbaikar shall agree. Worli-sea face, Marine drive , Juhu Beach, Marve beach….yes this is the main relaxing locations. You can find most people outing at these places on weekends to get a break from busy schedule. Water (although not that pure) still motivates to fight with hurdles of Life… I simply love waterside.

   2.    Expedite your Talent:  Art in form of painting, craftwork, gifts, cooking is something that I would prefer to refresh my mind. And most important , writing …yes of course pen downing the post for your blog (which I am doing currently J)

  3.    Heal your body with SPA and Massage: This is something much popularized around us. Every nook and corner of the city, now we get Spa and Massage center. I love doing spa and massage on my head to get relax.

  4.    Relaxing at home: This is one of the best technique you can do relax at home and watch TV. Also one drink with your spouse can add icing to cake. Especially if you have nice balcony or good big window with sitting arrangement.

  5.    Step- in: Yes trust me even a normal walk in a garden or some quite lane (if you get) can help you to relax. To this I would also add that even step-in into temple/church can give us peace and motivation.

So with above life-line , one can have each morning with new energy and live their life happily.

I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with BlogAdda

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  1. Wooow Jainita...really very nice...actually I also knew above all techniques for de-stressing life, but I had forgot them all due to hectic and busy schedule. You made me remind of these which shall help to enhance my life more beautifully without taking much effort in life...and believe me some of are really priceless.. really once again Thanks and now i really curious about your next pen down thoughts. keep it up:) and i will try all your de-stress techniques including Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil :)